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한국 불교에 관한 연구도 로버트 버스웰 등의 여러 학자들의 노력을 통하여, 중국 불교의 일파로서가 아니라 그 자체로서 고유한 전통으로서 알려지게 되었다.

delicate pals after their intimacy was received. Paul cherished them dearly, they usually him.% Miriam arrived afterwards. But he experienced occur into her lifetime before she built any mark on his. A person boring afternoon, in the event the Adult men were being over the land and The remainder at school, only Miriam and her mom at your home, the girl stated to him, soon after having hesitated for a long time: “Have you ever noticed the swing?” “No,” he answered. “In which?” “From the cowshed,” she replied. She often hesitated to supply or to show him just about anything. Men have these kinds of unique criteria of really worth from women, and her expensive issues—the valuable things to her—her brothers had so frequently mocked or flouted. “Occur on, then,” he replied, leaping up. There were two cowsheds, one particular on both side on the barn.

또 우리는 선불교의 법맥과 전통을 거슬러 추적하려고 할 때 우리 자신의 학적 전통의 역사를 생각하는 순간을 가져야 한다. 선 전통은 한국, 유럽, 미국 등에서 다 다르지만, 이러한 전통들이 만나는 점과 그 전통들이 갈라지는 점이 어디인가 하는 것도 또한 충분히 중요한 연구 주제이다.

It had been in close proximity to six o’clock when he acquired down. This time he entered with no hesitation, his wincing sensitiveness obtaining hardened once again. He did not care any longer just what the family believed or felt. The tea-items were around the table. William was looking through aloud from “The Child’s Personal”, Annie listening and inquiring eternally “why?” Both equally little ones hushed into silence as they heard the approaching thud in their father’s stockinged feet, and shrank as he entered. Nevertheless he was generally indulgent to them.% Morel designed the food alone, brutally. He ate and drank extra noisily than he experienced have to have. Nobody spoke to him. The household lifestyle withdrew, shrank away, and have become hushed as he entered. But he cared no more about his alienation. Instantly he had completed tea he rose with alacrity to go out. It had been this alacrity, this haste to be gone, which so sickened Mrs. Morel. As she heard him sousing heartily in chilly drinking water, heard the keen scratch of your metal comb about the aspect in the bowl, as he wetted his hair, she closed her eyes in disgust.

영국의 동인도 회사의 관리들이 인도에서 여러 연구 작업을 시작했을 때 그들이 불교 것으로 발견한 것은 여러 비석들과 폐허가 된 유적지, 그리고 비슈누 신의 아홉 번째 화신으로 힌두 사원 내에 서있는 불상들 뿐들이었다.

CHAPTER II THE Beginning OF PAUL, AND A further BATTLE Right after%such a scene as the final, Walter Morel was for some days abashed and ashamed, but he quickly regained his aged bullying indifference. However there was a slight shrinking, a diminishing in his assurance. Physically even, he shrank, and his high-quality total existence waned. He in no way grew while in the minimum stout, to ensure, as he sank from his erect, assertive bearing, his physique seemed to agreement along with his satisfaction and moral power. But now he realised how challenging it had been for his wife to drag about at her get the job done, and, his sympathy quickened by penitence, hastened ahead together with his enable.

시성하다, 인공위성 추적용 비행체, 천국에 간 사람, 성인으로 숭배하다, 발기인, 기독교도 등의 칭호, 교부 등의 칭호.

철저한 신분 제도였으며. 마우리아 왕조의 아소카 왕때 만민 평등의 교리 불교를 장려해

“Your Alfred’s as outdated as my William,” reported Mrs. Morel.% “ ‘Appen ‘e is, but that doesn’t give him a proper to have keep of the boy’s collar, an’ fair rip it clear off his back again.” “Nicely,” explained Mrs. Morel, “I don’t thrash my young children, and in many cases if I did, I must would like to hear their facet of The story.” “They’d transpire be a little far better should they did get a great hiding,” retorted Mrs. Anthony. “When it arrives ter rippin’ a lad’s clean collar off’n ‘is again apurpose—” “I’m guaranteed he didn’t get it done on intent,” explained Mrs. Morel. “Make me a liar!” shouted Mrs. Anthony. Mrs. Morel moved away and shut her gate.

Gayatri Chakravorty was born in Calcutta, West Bengal, 24 February 1942 to "solidly metropolitan Center class" moms and dads (PCC). She Hence belonged into the "initial era of Indian intellectuals just after independence," a more fascinating perspective she promises, than that with the Midnight's Youngsters, who have been "born absolutely free by chronological incident" (Arteaga interview). She did her undergraduate in English at the College of Calcutta (1959), graduating with first class honours. She borrowed cash to go to the US from the early 1960's to perform graduate get the job done at Cornell, which she selected because she "knew the names of Harvard, Yale and Cornell, and thought fifty percent of them had been as well very good for me. (I am intellectually a very insecure human being . . . to an extent I nonetheless feel that way)" (de Kock job interview 33). She "fell into comparative literature" because it was the sole Office that provided her money (Ibid.). She obtained her MA in English from Cornell and taught in the College of Iowa while focusing on her Ph.D. Her dissertation was on Yeats (revealed as Myself Should I Remake: The Everyday living and Poetry of W.B. Yeats [1974)]) and was directed by Paul de Man. Of her perform with de Person she claims, "I was not groomed for anything at all.

“Indeed,” she stated. There was a silence for many times, whilst he thought of Clara. “And what had been the things you liked about her?” she asked.% “I don’t know—her skin and the texture of her—and her—I don’t know— there’s a form of fierceness someplace in her. I take pleasure in her being an artist, that’s all.” “Of course.” He questioned why Miriam crouched there brooding in that Peculiar way. It irritated him. “You don’t genuinely like her, would you?” he questioned the Lady. She checked out him together with her good, dazzled dark eyes. “I do,” she said. “You don’t—you'll be able to’t—not likely.” “Then what?” she asked little by little. “Eh, I don’t know—perhaps you like her for the reason that she’s got a grudge towards Adult males.

snapping of string, the hurrying to aged Mr. Melling for stamps. And finally the postman came along with his here sack, laughing and jolly. Then every little thing slacked off, and Paul took his meal-basket and ran towards the station to capture the 8-20 educate. The day within the factory was just twelve several hours lengthy.% His mom sat awaiting him somewhat anxiously. He needed to walk from Keston, so was not property until finally about 20 previous nine. And he left your home in advance of 7 in the morning. Mrs. Morel was alternatively nervous about his well being. But she herself experienced needed to put up with a lot of that she expected her small children to take the exact odds. They must go through with what came. And Paul stayed at Jordan’s, While all the time he was there his wellbeing endured from the darkness and insufficient air along with the long hours. He came in pale and weary. His mom checked out him. She noticed he was somewhat happy, and her panic all went.

“Nicely,” he explained, “get that French and we’ll do some—some Verlaine.” “Yes,” she mentioned in the deep tone, Practically of resignation. And he or she rose and got the books. And her fairly purple, nervous hands appeared so pitiful, he was mad to comfort and ease her and kiss her. But then be dared not—or couldn't. There was one thing prevented him. His kisses have been Improper for her. They ongoing the looking at till 10 o’clock, if they went to the kitchen, and Paul was purely natural and jolly once again with the father and mom. His eyes have been dim and shining; there was a sort of fascination about him.% When he went into the barn for his bicycle he found the front wheel punctured. “Fetch me a fall of water in the bowl,” he stated to her. “I shall be late, after which I s’ll catch it.” He lighted the hurricane lamp, took off his coat, turned up the bicycle, and set speedily to work.

그러나 이러한 대립은 다른 가능성들을 끌고 나온다. 예컨대, 민족주의 그 자체가 민족들의 제국주의적 성격, 혹은 제국주의적 시대와 환경에서의 그것들의 생존의 이데올로기(적)-정치적 효과일 수 있다는 것이다. 혹자는 파시즘과 나치즘과 같은 통념들을 그것들의 부수적인 질문들의 네트워크와 함께 도입함으로써 사슬을 복잡화할 수도 있다: 파시즘과 나치즘은 민족주의들인가? 그들은 모두 제국주의들인가? . . .

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